Can I get a free sample?

Of course!  Email your request to

What is the insurance code?

The SnoreHook Splint is approved by Medicare, insurance code E0486, product code SHS-1.  Click here for the PDAC Confirmation Letter.

How can I contact you? and are both fully automated without having a full-time receptionist answering a telephone.  However, your email goes directly to James P. Boyd, DDS, developer of both the NTI and SnoreHook Splint protocols.   Dr. Boyd's first priortiy is to respond to email as quickly as possible (regardless of the time of day).

Can I buy in bulk?

Yes.  SnoreHook Splint components can be purchased in bundles of 100 sets (typically by dental laboratories).  Email to inquire

Can we get additional trays?

Yes.  The stainless steel components can be re-used for the same patient once they've been recovered from the original splints (just submerge them in just-boiled water so the thermo-acrylic will soften).  Just send an email requesting replacement trays and we'll send them to you at no charge.

Is there a WARRANTY?

Yes!  All the components of the SnoreHook Splint are covered by a lifetime warranty.  If any component fails (the polycarbonate trays, the Advancing Hooking Mechanism, or the mandibular CrossPlate), just send the component(s) back and a replacement component will be provided at no charge. 

If the patient decides that the SnoreHook Splint is not right for them for whatever reason and elects not to use it, just return the entire device and all new replacement components will be provided. 

For details on exchanging components, send an email to: